Halloween decorations donated to Northampton General Hospital

It is hard to avoid the gimmicky nature of Halloween. The shops are filled with hard to recycle coloured plastic devil horns, witches’ broomsticks, face masks and cheap costumes that are often thrown away on the 1stNovember creating a huge amount of waste that heads straight to landfill. This doesn’t mean we should not enjoy Halloween we should just think about how these decorations and costumes can be reused, recycled or repurposed.

Following Encore Environment‘s corporate Halloween themed event, our Waste Wise Kids ambassador Mimi Pilcher suggested that the decorations could be donated to Northampton General Hospital’s Disney ward. They had a few already but were really pleased to add to their collection!  On the morning of the 31st October, Mimi donated all the decorations we had left over to Emma and Karen from NGH so they could put them up around the ward for the children to enjoy!

If you have any spare Halloween decorations, consider donating them to a charity, a charity shop or a local school so they can be used again next year.

For more reusing and repurposing ideas visit our WWKids Club!