Calling all little monsters, witches, ghosts and ghouls!  It’s Halloween!

Unfortunately, all the decorations and costumes create a lot of waste, and it often just gets thrown in the bin and goes to landfill! We don’t want that to happen as it is very bad for the environment, so our Waste Wise Kids have come up with five ways you can have fun at Halloween in a way that is much better for the planet.

1. Make your own decorations

Avoid buying new Halloween decorations and use your imagination to create spook-tacular news ones out of items around your home.

How about some scary bats and cats made out of old toilet rolls?

Green Halloween competition

What scary costumes could you make out of an old cardboard box?

Halloween cardboard monster

An old white sheet with some holes cut-out is an easy way to become a spooky ghost!  Just ask your parent or guardian to help before you start cutting things up!

Scary ghost halloween

We even have a competition running to find the best reuse and repurposing ideas for making Halloween decorations and costumes.  To win a fang-tastic prize, make sure you enter Here

2. Reuse plastic props

Props like witches’ brooms, scary plastic face masks and pumpkin trick or treat baskets are so much fun, however a lot of them are made out of hard to recycle plastic. Instead of throwing them away, you can save them to use again, or why don’t you give them to other children who can enjoy them for years to come. Can you think of all the ways you could donate something?

  • Have you got younger siblings, family or friends that might like them?
  • You can ask your local children’s ward at the hospital if they would like any spare decorations and props. Check out what Mimi, our Waste Wise Kids ambassador, did last year Here
  • Take them to a charity shop
  • Ask a parent or guardian to post them onto a swap or selling site (Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree

3. Donate or swap old costumes that are too small

Have you rummaged through your dressing up box and found your Halloween costumes are all too small? Why don’t you speak with your friends and family and see if you could do a swap?

Green Halloween competition

You can also donate your old costumes to a charity shop, and while you are there have a look to see if there are any pre-loved costumes that fit you!

4. Recycle batteries

There are many Halloween decorations in the shops that have flashing lights and moving parts that require batteries. It is really important that when these batteries are used up, they are disposed of properly. Always tell an adult, when you think a battery has died and let them handle them as they can be dangerous for young children.

Many of the supermarket and retail chains such as Tesco, Asda and B&Q have battery-recycling points in their stores.

recycle batteries

Batteries are made up of lead, mercury, zinc and lithium which are materials that can be reused if they are recycled properly. However, if they are put in your normal waste bin, they may end up in landfill and these materials can seep into the ground, which is really bad for the environment.

5. Compost your pumpkin head

Who loves to make a Jack-o’lantern pumpkin?

What we do with our pumpkin in preparation and after Halloween is very important.

There were an estimated 8 million pumpkins thrown out last Halloween! This is really bad!

Pumpkins are ‘souper’ tasty! When you hollow out the pumpkin to make the lantern, all the yummy pumpkin flesh can be made into a soup, curry, or pie for the whole family to eat. You can also save the seeds, roast and eat them or replant them.

Green halloween competition

When you are finished with your Jack-o’lantern, pumpkins are particularly good to compost because they decompose quickly!  If you don’t have a compost at home, perhaps your school does, so ask your teacher! Other places that may want your pumpkin for compost are community gardens or farms.  You just need to remove all the seeds first.

This is a great way to cut down on food waste.


If you have any questions or ideas, then please get in touch here

Have a Wicked Halloween WWK’s!