Calling all kids… We need your help to reduce waste this Christmas!

If we recycle or re-use everyday items that we would normally throw away, we can actively reduce the amount of waste going to landfifill. It’s really easy and lots of fun!

This Christmas, we’ve come up with lots of fun repurposing ideas for Waste Wise Kids to take part in, including Santa’s Reindeer and a Snowman Peg.

While you have some  time off over Christmas, have fun crafting and re-purposing and help the environment by creating less waste.

See below for a step-by-step guide on how to create a reindeer out of household items:

1. Take an old toilet roll and cut down to the size required

2. Using markers or paint make a face on your reindeer

3. If you have pipe cleaners or possibly a sandwich tie, make two holes in the top of the toilet roll and feed the antlers through

Why not try making a Snowman peg too? Here’s how:

1. Take a wooden peg, with paint or a marker draw an expressive face and accessories

2. Take pipe cleaners or string to create some accessories, such as scarfs and hats

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Christmas WWK

Christmas is a great time to get creative! There are some fantastic ideas on Pinterest on how to recycle items into Christmas decorations, or unwanted gifts into something you would actually use. Remember to reduce waste this Christmas.