With Halloween fast approaching, we thought it would be a good time to share our Waste Wise Kid’s ideas for having a spook-tacular time, but making sure that we don’t create lots of waste! The scariest thing about Halloween is the amount of plastic waste it creates. Unfortunately, a lot of it gets thrown in the bin and goes to landfill! We don’t want that to happen as it is very bad for the environment, so our Waste Wise Kids have come up some easy ways you can have fun at Halloween that is much more environmentally friendly!

Reuse costumes and props

Green Halloween competition

Costumes and props like witches’ brooms, scary plastic face masks and pumpkin trick or treat baskets are made out of hard to recycle plastic. Instead of throwing them away, you can save them to use again, or why don’t you have a swap with your friends so you have something different this year but don’t have to buy anything new!

  • Have you got younger siblings, family or friends that might like them?
  • You can ask your local children’s ward at the hospital if they would like any spare decorations and props. Check out what Mimi, our Waste Wise Kids ambassador, did Here
  • Take them to a charity shop and you might even find a new costume for yourself
  • Have a fun swap session with your friends

Get creative!

Halloween cardboard monster

You don’t need to buy decorations from the shops when there are plenty of items at home that can be turned into something scary!

  • Decorate toilet rolls into terrifying characters
  • Make a scary costume or face mask out of cardboard
  • Find old pieces of fabric and net and hang up on a string to look like floating ghosts!

What else can you think of?


Halloween and repurposing go hand-in-hand, it’s time to get spooky with these fang-tastic ideas!

  • Paint old mason jars into scary Halloween creatures and fill them with sticks, or lights, to create table top decoration
  • Can you find and decorate an old bucket you might have used on the beach and use that on your trick or treating?
  • Did you know you can upcycle food? When you are making your Jack-O-Lantern all the yummy pumpkin flesh can be made into a soup, curry, or pie for the whole family to eat.


Send us pictures of your creation to hello@wastewisekids.org


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