Think about ways to be waste free under the tree this Christmas. Many types of wrapping paper, especially the glossy, glittery rolls, are not recyclable which means that once presents have been opened, all the wrapping paper will go into the general waste and large amounts end up in landfill!

We want to avoid those big bags of waste filling up bins on Christmas morning, so we have brainstormed all the sustainable options for wrapping presents. So, before you start wrapping, think what you can use instead to reduce the amount of waste created.

Here are some of our favourites:

  1. Brown paper may sound a little boring, but it can be made to look very festive! First of all, it can be recycled, and secondly it can be decorated beautifully with drawings, stamps and ribbon. You can even put a little sprig of herbs or Christmas tree cuttings and it looks amazing.

brown wrapping paper

2. A growing trend which we love is a fabric wrap which can be used again and again. This is actually a Japanese way of wrapping presents called Furoshiki. The person receiving the gift can then pay if forward by wrapping gifts with it again.

3. Have you created any festive art at school or at home? Why don’t you use your own artwork as wrapping paper!  It would be two gifts in one – the gift and a wonderful piece of art created by you which the recipient can keep!


4. Some gifts don’t need to be wrapped, they can be boxed!  Do you have any unused cardboard boxes, perhaps some discarded tissue paper from the art drawer and some string? If you can find these items at home, then you already have the perfect way wrap a present. You can decorate the box with festive drawings, ribbon and string.

5. The clear sticky tape we use to wrap presents is really bad for the environment because it contains a type of plastic that can’t be recycled and also it doesn’t biodegrade. Even if it is left on wrapping paper, it will make the wrapping paper unrecyclable as well! There are biodegradable tapes available so look out for them in the shops, and you can also use string, ribbon or reusable bags.

bags christmas

We hope that these sustainable wrapping ideas have got you thinking greener, and you can enjoy a waste free Christmas knowing you are also helping the environment too!