Over the last few weeks have you seen your garden come to life? Birds are singing, insects are buzzing, flowers are blooming, and butterflies are fluttering about!

Look at the nature around you – the trees, the plants, the busy insects, look how beautiful a leaf is, its shape, its texture.

Can you hear birds singing, and the buzzing of bees? What colours do you see?

At Waste Wise Kids, we love nature and want to protect it. We can do that better if we learn about it, and really appreciate what we have.

In this activity, we want you to be inspired by what you see and create an artwork inspired by nature!

It’s time to look around to find some of nature’s treasures!

You can be anywhere – what inspires you at the beach?

Uk beach

You can collect some natural items to use in your art, but make sure you have an adult with you.

This is great one to do as Autumn approaches:

Here are some fun ideas:

  • Create a collage of what you see – using fallen sticks for trees, and pieces of grass stuck down, you might be able to find some fallen leaves or flowers to stick on the page too.
  • Painted leaves print – the patterns on leaves are so interesting. Find some different leaves on the ground and paint one side of them. Before the paint is dry, press it down onto your paper and see what pattern is transferred!
  • Can you make a butterfly out of natural items you find such as leaves, petals, stones, and soil?
  • Colouring using plants – What colours are created if you rub the petals, leaves and grass on paper?
Did you know? Plants and flowers were used for colouring and making dyes for thousands of years before synthetic dyes were created!

Have fun and remember to send us a photo of what you created to: hello@wastewisekids.org



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