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‘Waste Wise Kids’ is a not-for-profit organisation, founded by Encore Environment in August 2019. The school’s programme has been designed to teach children aged 4-12 years old about waste, recycling and sustainability. Taught within the classroom by one of our experts or by the teacher, it focuses on educating children about the waste hierarchy and its impact on the environment in a fun, easy to understand way. This includes an on-site presentation with teachers notes, repurposing tasks, competitions, rewards chart and recycled handouts.

“Waste Wise Kids learn to think about waste and not just throw it away; 

To reuse, repurpose or recycle things is always the better way!”

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Our environment’s future lies in little hands

It is incredibly important for us to teach our children from a young age about recycling and sustainability, and the huge role that plays on our future. We are engaging with primary schools, trusts, businesses, individuals, and influencers that are passionate about environmental education and want to support young people learning about waste and sustainability. One of the objectives is for environmental literacy to be integrated more in the curriculum, rather than being an add-on to other subjects. During its pilot phase, we have had a fantastic response and 1000 school children are now Waste Wise Kids! 

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Education is key to solving the waste crisis

Waste Wise Kids is addressing a need to help support primary schools teach young children the fundamental waste hierarchy approach. The students learn that landfill is not a sustainable solution and the more items end up in landfill the worse it is for the environment. Each week there are new worrying statistics on the increasing amount of waste we are creating and its damaging effects on the planet.

0 million tonnes
The total waste generated in the UK in 2016. An increase of 4.2% from the 214.0 million tonnes generated in 2014. (DEFRA March 2019)

Waste Wise Kids feature on the BBC

We were so excited to welcome a BBC News crew to film a feature about the Waste Wise Kids school programme.  The 2.5-minute broadcast, aired on BBC Look East on 23 January 2020. Watch it here!

Giving children the knowledge to make a difference

Encore Environment developed Waste Wise Kids to impart its industry knowledge and expertise on waste and sustainability on the next generation by showing children how easy it is to recycle and repurpose things they don’t want anymore. Children are actively encouraged to think about the waste created at home and school, and ways they can reduce, reuse, repurpose or recycle. Importantly, we encourage children to start asking questions about unnecessary waste – to ‘rethink’ and to ‘refuse’! It is having a hugely positive social impact as the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle’ message cascades down from schools, to children, parents, businesses and the wider community.

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Does your business want to support environmental education?

By becoming a Waste Wise Kids member, you are aligned with two of the most important topics in society today, the education of children and environmental best practice. Our aim is to encourage a sense of belonging and knowledge transfer among our members who are keen to support the education of young people on the issue of waste. We have a range of options for businesses:

Sustainable member

  • Small business up to 10 staff

Green member

  • Medium to Large business 10+ staff

Investing member

  • Open to any business

Your membership includes:

  • Opportunities to network with like-minded people

  • Nominate primary school(s) to receive the Waste Wise Kids schools programme

  • Share knowledge on emerging environmental issues

  • Membership logo and certificate for use on all print and digital platforms

  • Access to Waste Wise Kids environmentally- friendly merchandise

  • Feature in our quarterly newsletter

  • Access to members-only environmental resources

  • Improve your organisation’s waste wise strategies

  • Meet CSR and social value targets


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