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The Waste Wise Kids schools programme has been developed alongside early learning educators, to teach children aged 4-12 years old about waste, recycling and sustainability. Taught within the classroom, it focuses on educating children about the waste hierarchy and its impact on the environment in a fun, easy to understand way including an on-site presentation with teachers notes, repurposing tasks, competitions, rewards chart and recycled handouts. 

The school can choose to have a Waste Wise Kids presenter, or the teacher can use our lesson plans using the Waste Wise Kids educational material provided. 

The Waste Wise Kids programme promotes educational outcomes, pupil engagement, working as a team and boosts motivation through building confidence, friendships and instilling a sense of leadership that these young children, through their actions, can have a hugely positive impact on the environment in the future. Your whole school can also benefit by improving the school environment with creative and engaging projects around littering, composting, repurposing items and recycling.

You are provided with everything you need to teach the Waste Wise Kids schools programme including a google slides or pdf visual presentation with teachers notes and a box full of demonstrative items to best explain the key messages. This includes examples of recycled items that the children can touch and evaluate and a sustainability rewards chart for future recycling projects. You can also request for a Waste Wise Kids representative visit to present to the class.

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Waste Wise Kids Primary Schools


This provides you with a Waste Wise Kids presentation with teachers notes and activity box as well as:

  • Lesson plans
  • ‘Waste Wise Kids’ school logo for website and certificate
  • Local media PR activity (if permission is granted) 
  • Regular e-newsletter
  • Information resources and downloads to improve waste wise strategies within the school

We encourage all our schools to continue to update us on their Waste Wise Kids initiatives with positive news about how their students are embracing the initiative.

£75 provides you with a Waste Wise Kids presenter visit your school

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What we love about Waste Wise Kids is that it teaches the child to make the right choices about waste, which will hopefully stay with them throughout life. It was pitched perfectly to be accessible for all of the children whether they were four or 11 years old. It’s such an important subject to tackle and as a teacher to have the support of a company like Encore Environment is a real benefit. The children are so excited to show how capable they are, by building recycled robots and thinking of new ideas on how the school can reduce waste.”

Russell Lunn, Head Teacher, Sywell CEVA Primary School

“They have shown commitment to act environmentally responsibly by taking part in a number of activities such as, making compost heaps, making and recycling wrapping paper, bird watching for the RSPB, making bird feeders from recycled packaging and collecting rubbish in local villages.”

Simon Clarke Head Teacher, Spratton Hall, Northamptonshire

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