Mission statement

Waste Wise Kids is a not-for-profit organisation. Our mission is to support primary schools in educating young children about waste, recycling and sustainability, to give children the knowledge and understanding needed to actively reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. We promote a behavioural change to stop, think and act using the ‘refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle’ waste hierarchy approach. As a result, children build a life-long skill that will have a positive impact on the environment’s future.

Our principles

We use the following principles to guide how we work with schools, teachers and Waste Wise Kids member organisations: 

  • We deliver industry expertise with support from primary school teachers
  • We are transparent
  • We are inclusive
  • We teach best practice methods based on the waste hierarchy approach
  • We actively engage with membership organisations 
  • We actively engage with the wider community (hospitals, local authority and community groups)
  • We work with integrity and accountability

Our Values




Collaborative and engaging


Environmental responsibility



Our Vision

  • To deliver an on-going programme of activity educating children at primary school level, led by industry experts and educators 

  • To encourage commitment across all teachers, schools, parents and Waste Wise Kids members to set a positive example to the children. At school and at home.

  • To promote collaborations between teachers, parents and Waste Wise Kids membership organisations in ways to best teach children practical skills in waste management

  • To encourage interest, motivation and engagement, through fun and exciting activities such as the skills card and competitions

  • For each child to develop a keen interest in their environment and how to protect it

  • For the children to feel confident and responsible in safeguarding the environment

  • To promote teamwork, inclusivity and discussion around waste, recycling and sustainability in primary schools

  • For the skills learnt to be promoted and practised in schools, so the knowledge is passed down via the children to inform and challenge parents and the wider community

  • To implement a successful Waste Wise Kids national roll-out plan

  • To provide a platform to share good practice and promote discussion on ways to improve

  • For schools to embrace the Waste Wise Kids ideology and demonstrate a passion for the environment and its effectiveness by showcasing results to parents, school governors and school business managers

  • To source applicable government grants and funding streams to help advance its growth and impact

  • To encourage the UK government to include environmental literacy in the national curriculum, not just an add on to other subjects.

  • To update information with any legislation and industry changes

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