Hi Waste Wise Kids!

We are so excited to have you visit! Here, you will get lots of ideas of how to reuse and repurpose things around the home. ‘Repurposing’ is when you turn something old into something new, instead of throwing it away. This is great news for you as you get to enjoy making new things and great news for the environment as less waste goes in the bin!

Did you know?

The UK created over 26,000 tonnes of household waste in 2019

(source: WasteDataFlow, DEFRA, July 2021)

That’s the equivalent of 

5,200 fully grown elephants


1,444 London buses!

Only 46% of that waste was recycled!

Crafting and repurposing are the best way to spend an afternoon! We have everyday projects for the home and garden as well as lots of seasonal ideas to brighten up your home and keep waste down.

If you’ve repurposed an item, send us a picture and a little description of how you did it! We love to showcase all your creative ideas!

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Jeff’s problem solvers

Old ballet shoes

You might not know this, but you can’t just put old ballet and pointe shoes in your kerbside recycling bin! Ballet shoes are not recyclable, so thousands and thousands of pairs of old ballet shoes are going into landfill which is really bad for the environment. You can always ask if your local recycling centre will take them, but if not, then we need our Waste Wise kids to come up with a solution!  What ideas do you have?

Old sports balls

What happens to your old footballs, rugby balls and basketballs when they split, tear or deflate? Unfortunately, they mostly end up in landfill! Footballs, for example, are made up of lots of layers to make it tough which includes plastics, leather, fabric glue and cotton which makes it really hard to recycle. With an estimate 40 million footballs sold around the world each year, just think about all that waste!! So, come on Waste Wise Kids, we need you! Let’s think of some fantastic repurposing ideas so our beloved sports games don’t hurt the environment!

Let us know your ideas by emailing us here!

Waste Wise Kids from across the World

We love that all our international Waste Wise Kids friends are helping the environment across the globe. Send us your pics!

Hi from Australia

If you have repurposed waste items, send us a picture. All approved submissions will be added to our gallery.

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