We launched a competition over the Easter holidays to create an Easter basket made out of things that would normally go in the bin!

Thank you so much for all the entries! We hope you had a fantastic time being creative, learning about the environment and why reusing, repurposing and recycling is so important for our planet.

The winners:


Aria made her wonderful creation out of a recycled Easter paper bag for the bunny, a cereal box for the basket turned inside out, brown string, and green carrier bag for inside the basket. She also used paint to add the perfect details to it!



Ava made her fabulous double storey creation out of an egg carton, kitchen roll tube, crisp packets, a philadelphia tub, easter egg box, foil, wrappers from drinks bottle, tissue box, cereal box, and paper straws!

competition winner

Well done to you both for your fantastic efforts!

Your prizes are on their way!

competition prizes